James Collier, AU

VIB Bioinformatics Core

Build a Web Application with Elm

James Collier is a professional software developer with more than 10 years of experience working on software ranging from tiny embedded devices through to high-performance and web applications. He completed his PhD at Monash University in Australia and now works on scientific software within the VIB Bioinformatics Core Facility.


Birthe Van den Berg & Tom Schrijvers

Dept. Computer Sciences - KULeuven

On a date with DSLs: what domain-specific languages can do for you

Birthe van den Berg obtained her Master's degree in Computer Engineering from KU Leuven in 2019. As a follow-up on her Master's thesis entitled "Type Inference for Disjoint Intersection Types", she joined the programming languages group of Tom Schrijvers as a PhD researcher. Central to her research is the design of a domain-specific programming language for facilitating fluorescence microscopy experiments, in collaboration with the KU Leuven Lab for Nanobiology.

Tom Schrijvers graduated as master of engineering in computer science at KU Leuven in 2001. He obtained his PhD at the KU Leuven Department of Computer Science in 2005 and was postdoctoral researcher of the FWO from 2006 until 2010 when he became lecturer at UGent. In 2014 he returned to KU Leuven as senior research professor. His team studies programming languages and the functional programming paradigm in particular.

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